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Third Session of the European Summit On Islamist Radicalization And Terrorist Threat
On April 23, 2021, police officer Stéphanie Monfermé was assassinated by an Islamist at the entrance of the police station of Rambouillet. He had no criminal record and was unknown to the intelligence services.
Once again, France faces an endogenous terrorist threat. Once again, it has shed light on the existence of an "atmospheric jihadism," which intends to spread chaos and sow terror in France and throughout Europe.

In that context, ELNET created the “European Summit on Islamist Radicalization and the Terrorist Threat,” including participation by former Prime Minister Manuel Valls. This third session of the European Summit will focus on the evaluation of European public policies about deradicalization, the fight against Islamist propaganda online, and its violent implementation: terrorism.
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